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    Handheld strapping machine
    Summary: The Handheld strapping machine is suitable for PP PET plastic straps, this machine is ergonomaic, humanization design is upgrade the comfortable of operation The difference from the traditional handhels strapping machine : the machine body is light High efficiency, energy saving,

    Product diagram:

    Packer parameters





    Machine specification

    350mm long, 140mm wide and 120mm high

    Power type


    Sealing tape form

    Friction welding

    The tightening force can reach


    Applicable packaging tape material

    Polypropylene (PP) / polyester (PET) packing belt

    Applicable packing belt width


    Applicable packing belt thickness


    Battery configuration

    Lithium battery (dc14.4v, 6000mAh)

    Battery life

    Can be charged 2000 times

    Purchase accessories

    One set of common tools and gear gasket

    After-sale service

    The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, except for the vulnerable parts (blades, gaskets, gears), and the fastening plate, motor and control plate are guaranteed for three years.

    Product advantage:

    1、When the battery is fully charged, 800-1000 tapes can be used;
    2、No fastener is required, friction welding is adopted, and the interface is beautiful and reliable;
    3、Easy to move, suitable for all kinds of places, and suitable for all kinds of packages;
    4、This machine adopts the brushless motor (noise reduction, low temperature rise);
    5、Built in three anti mainboard (moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-static), long service life;
    6、The body and components are made of high-strength alloy materials and engineering materials, durable and safe。

    Product use:

    Widely used in: paper, aluminum, brick, stone, wood, steel, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemical industry, logistics, metal manufacturing and other industries packaging。

    Application example:


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