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    Pallet strapping machine
    Summary: The Handheld strapping machine is suitable for PP PET plastic straps, this machine is ergonomaic, humanization design is upgrade the comfortable of operation The difference from the traditional handhels strapping machine : the machine body is light High efficiency, energy saving,

    Product diagram:

    Parameters of threading machine





    Machine specification

    Length 950mm, width 750mm, height 1250mm

    Normal mode (chain speed)

    Horizontal out belt (40m / min), vertical out belt (60m / min)
    Vertical belt (44m / min), horizontal belt (54m / min)

    Chain change mode (chain speed)

    Out belt (20m / min), in belt (16m / min)

    Chain thrust


    Noise level


    Applicable package volume

    Width less than 2000mm and height less than 3000mm

    Applicable packaging tape material

    Polypropylene (PP) / polyester (PET) packing belt

    Applicable packing belt specification

    PP tape (core 200 mm, core height 180 mm)
    Pet tape (core 406mm, core height 150mm)

    Applicable packing belt thickness


    Applicable packing belt width


    Minimum height of tray gap


    Minimum width of tray gap


    Product characteristics

    1、No need to bend to wear the belt, reducing operator fatigue;
    2、One person can operate, with multiple operation efficiency;
    3、Automatic threading, flexible movement and fast threading speed;
    4、Charging 2.5h, can wear 600 belts;
    5、It is suitable for PP / pet belt to tie goods with packer;
    6、The height of wearing goods can be up to 3m。


    Application example

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